Ronnie has worked with youth and adults for over 25 years who struggle substance abuse. He has been active in sports since the age of six, when he began wrestling, playing football, and running track. As an adult he became a competitive body builder, Golden Glove Boxer, Professional MMA fighter, AAU All-American wrestler, Two-Time National bench press champion, and placed third in the World Bench Press Championships. As a coach and a counselor at a residential treatment facility for boys, his team won twelve state championships in power lifting. In 2007, Ronnie was awarded coach of the year. Sixty-one of the boys he coached during that time became nationally ranked power lifters. Coaching and counseling those struggling with addiction continue to be his passion. His knowledge of addiction for the past 25 years, recovery, and sports give him a great insight in helping others overcome the many obstacles that they face as they work to achieve sustainable sobriety and lifelog recovery. Today Ronnie continues to be full-time Certified Substance abuse counselor, he also has AA Psychology and continues to give back every chance he gets.