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Magellan Detox & Rehab Coverage With Stillwater Behavioral Health

Does Magellan Cover Detox?

Detox is one of the most important steps in the addiction recovery process. Luckily, this integral part of addiction recovery is covered by Magellan insurance. Your Magellan policy can either partially or fully pay for detox from a treatment facility like Stillwater Behavioral Health.

Does Magellan Cover Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment?

If you’re looking for a Magellan drug rehab or Magellan alcohol rehab that accepts your insurance, Stillwater is an ideal place to go. We accept Magellan insurance to cover detox, as well as residential inpatient services like therapy and dual diagnosis treatment. 

How Does Detox & Rehab Work?

Detox works by mitigating the effects of withdrawals from addictive substances on your body and mind. Rehab includes detox, as well as additional aspects of treatment like therapy and dual diagnosis for co-occurring mental health conditions. All of these aspects of rehab work together to help you recover from addiction.

Stillwater Behavioral Health Can Help

If you’re dealing with addiction to drugs or alcohol, Stillwater Behavioral Health can help. We offer addiction treatment services in a luxurious, comfortable environment, so you can work hard on recovery while resting easy in a space built to accommodate your needs.

Treatment Options

At Stillwater, our treatment plans typically include a combination of medication-assisted detox, group and individual therapy, and dual diagnosis treatment. All of these treatment options are designed to address specific aspects of the struggle of addiction and equip you for a substance-free life in the future.

What is a Usual Day Like at Stillwater Behavioral Health

A typical day at Stillwater Behavioral Health includes therapy sessions, exercise, scheduled meals, community time, rest, and sometimes even an outing to a nearby landmark. The days are full of beneficial activities that are orchestrated to help you stabilize and recover fully.


Stories of hope, healing and recovery, our clients and their loved ones share more about their experience at Stillwater Behavioral Health.

“The team at Stillwater Behavioral Health goes above and beyond for their clients. Of all the programs in Southern California, this is the one that is going to really help you heal & recover.”
Stephanie M.
“Our son had been to countless programs over the years, and my wife and I had almost lost all hope until we spoke to Gabi and the team at Stillwater Behavioral Health. Our son finally got the personal attention he needed.”
Henry J.
Loved One
“As a working executive with a drug problem, it was important to me that when I got help, I was able to do so discreetly. The team at Stillwater Behavioral Health went above and beyond to accomodate my personal needs,”
Zach G.
“From the moment I entered Stillwater, I knew I was in good hands. The location in Montecito was beyond stunning to say the least. The more important part of their program was the therapies and caring staff who helped me finally heal."
Julia K.
“I've been working in the treatment industry for over 15+ years and the programs at Stillwater Behavioral Health truly are unlike anything I've encountered. The attention to detail and the way they go above and beyond for their clients needs, it's a program that truly works for the individual.”
Miles P.

Admission Process

Our admission process starts with verification of benefits. Once we verify that you’re covered by an insurance company like Magellan, we create a custom treatment plan for you based on your specific situation and individual needs. This treatment plan often starts with a period of medically-assisted detox.

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Detox works to get addictive substances like drugs and alcohol out of your system while also mitigating the symptoms of withdrawals from those substances. Alcohol and drugs are highly addictive, and medication-assisted detox can help you get these substances out of your system without overwhelming withdrawal symptoms. 

The detox process typically takes several days to complete. However, factors like the length and severity of your addiction can affect the amount of time that it takes to get addictive substances fully out of your system and help you move forward on your recovery journey.

We strongly advise against detoxing from home, even though it might seem like a viable option in the moment. Detoxing in an inpatient environment with the help and support of medical professionals is the best way to stay safe and ensure that the process runs smoothly.

Rehab typically costs several thousand dollars, but a significant portion of this cost can be covered by your Magellan insurance. The amount of coverage you can receive from your insurance policy depends on your specific policy and whether you’ve met your deductible.

A stint in inpatient rehab typically lasts between two weeks and 30 days. The addiction specialists in charge of your treatment plan will determine how long your inpatient treatment should last. You’ll be informed of the length of your stay at the beginning of treatment.

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