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Trauma-Informed Mental Health & Addiction Care

Addiction Therapies

Addiction Therapies and Mental Health Treatment

In the United States today, more than twenty-one million people- some as young as age twelve- struggle with an addiction to one or more substances. For them, the first step towards freedom from the challenges of addiction is accepting and acknowledging their battle with substance use and addiction. This may indeed be the most challenging step of all. one of the key symptoms of addiction is often denial. Many who struggle with addiction also struggle (possibly more so) to avoid their friends, family, and loved ones learning about their addictions. In some cases, this leads to lies, isolation, and self-imposed distance from those who care about the most. Acknowledging addiction and admitting that they need help can be a challenging process. 

After doing so, the next step is finding an addiction treatment program in Santa Barbara like Stillwater that meets their unique treatment needs, wants, and goals. As there are more than fourteen thousand addiction treatment programs across the nation offering different treatment options, levels of care, and benefits, it can be challenging to determine which one is best for you. It is essential to remember that addiction is an individual challenge. The symptoms that you experience will not be the same as someone else who may struggle with an addiction to the same substance. Therefore, the best treatment programs are those centered around you. There is no such thing as one size fits all addiction treatment. 

Substance use disorders (also referred to as addiction) are more than just a physical dependence on drugs or alcohol. Even after you have successfully detoxed and you are not actively craving the substance, you remain at risk for relapse. Many studies show that relapse rates for substance use disorders can be as high as sixty percent. For this reason, it is crucial to complete an addiction treatment program that helps you learn more about how to manage the daily triggers that can promote ongoing or new urges to use or return to using. Addiction programs like Stillwater will help you learn to manage these cravings and the events that cause them without turning to substances to cope. 

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Our Addiction Therapy Options

Addiction therapy is the set of therapeutic treatments intended to help you defeat addictive patterns. Through various types of therapy (traditional therapies, or alternative therapies), you will learn new and healthy coping skills that help to put an end to drug use and drug-seeking. At Stillwater, our addiction therapies take place in various settings, including group and individual therapies, and last for different lengths of time. All of these factors are dependent on your unique needs. We utilize several evidence-based addiction treatment models in combination with alternative and modern therapy techniques to provide you the most comprehensive and healing therapy programs possible. 

Traditional therapies have been considered the “gold standard” in addiction treatment and mental health therapies for many years. Behavioral therapies are often the most commonly utilized as a part of addiction treatment and luxury dual diagnosis treatment programs. 


Cognitive-behavioral therapy or CBT is one of the most commonly utilized therapy models in addiction and mental health treatment. CBT helps those in treatment learn to recognize and change unhealthy behaviors such as unhealthy coping skills. CBT is often paired with other techniques, and the skills learned during treatment can be highly beneficial well after your stay with us at Stillwater ends. 


Like cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy or DBT can be adapted for many substance abuse situations; however, DBT is most commonly used to treat severe personality disorders. Dialectical behavioral therapy works to reduce cravings, help you avoid situations or opportunities to relapse (triggers), learn healthy coping skills, and give up those habits or actions that reinforce ongoing substance abuse.

In addition to traditional, evidence-based addiction therapies, Stillwater provides a broad range of alternative and modern therapy options. Although alternative therapies are not considered a substitute for traditional therapy techniques, when used simultaneously, traditional and alternative therapies provide the most comprehensive treatment options possible. Some of our alternative therapy options include breath-work therapy, equine therapy, spiritual counseling, acupuncture, Reiki, art & Music therapy, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), meditation & yoga, mindfulness, and experiential therapies. In addition to traditional and alternative therapy programs while you are here at Stillwater, the members of your treatment team will work with you as you prepare for discharge on ensuring access to 12 step and non 12 step support programs, as well as vital relapse prevention therapy in support as you, begin long term recovery.  

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How Our Therapies Help with Addiction

At Stillwater’s Santa Barbara addiction rehab, we understand the decision to seek treatment is challenging. It is difficult to make the decision to leave home and be away from your family, loved ones, employment, and other ties to your community that make it feel like home. For this reason, we strive to ensure there are unique therapy programs that help you meet your sobriety and treatment goals in the most healthy, supportive, and holistic manner possible. Addiction is a disease. Despite its chronic nature, however, addiction is treatable. To ensure your treatment experience is successful, it is crucial to select a treatment facility whose treatment models (combination of traditional and alternative therapies) align most closely with your rehab goals. It is also helpful to consider the best level of care for your situation. 


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If you struggle with a severe addiction, have completed treatment before, and experienced relapse or your addiction is to alcohol or opioid drugs, it is essential to seek inpatient treatment in a facility where medically supervised detox is possible. At Stillwater, we work closely with each client who comes to our facility to ensure their treatment programs consist of therapies specifically targeted to address their mental health and addiction symptoms. As a treatment facility that specializes in dual diagnosis treatment, our skilled and compassionate treatment providers are trained to address the unique nature of co-occurring disorders and provide adequate therapies to help you understand better how mental health and addiction are related.  The Stillwater team also specializes in a wide range of alternative treatments to complement behavioral therapies provided as part of your core treatment program. 

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Choosing to seek addiction treatment is only the beginning of your journey toward sobriety and recovery. The process of recovering from addiction can be challenging and often indirect. It is common to experience setbacks, failures, and bumps in the road in addition to progress, success, and the newfound pleasure of living a life free of the winds of drugs and alcohol. We understand that deciding to seek addiction treatment may be one of the most challenging decisions anyone struggling with addiction will voluntarily make. Choosing to leave behind loved ones in favor of seeking health and sobriety in a safe and supported location is crucial to immerse yourself in the treatment process fully. 

At our Santa Barbara rehab, members of our caring and compassionate treatment team will work with you to design a treatment program specifically around your unique treatment needs and goals. Our highly skilled staff is experienced in providing therapies of all kinds ranging from traditional therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy to alternative and modern therapies, including art and music therapy, yoga, mindfulness practices, and many others. The symptoms and experiences of addiction are unique to the individual and not the substance, and the most successful treatment programs are those that prioritize your physical, psychological, and spiritual needs over the substance you are addicted to. If you are ready to re-start your life and begin walking your path towards a sober future free of substances, contact the caring and compassionate admissions team at Stillwater in Santa Barbara, California, today. Let us help you celebrate more tomorrow’s free of drugs and alcohol.

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