Stillwater Behavioral Health is a rehab near Ventura, California, with an emphasis on healing from the inside out. The luxurious facilities come with gorgeous ocean views that help center your inner peace while you undergo recovery at a place you can confidently call your home away from home. An attentive staff is available to cater to your needs at any time, and the programs are designed around your unique circumstances, making it the best rehab center in California.

Why Consider a Rehab Facility Near Ventura, CA

Ventura is a city rich with history–a history that some say dates back 10,000 years. The city as we know it today was founded in 1866 as a town called “San Buenaventura.” Thanks to both the agriculture and oil industries, the area attracted growth in the early 1900s and grew from a rural outpost into a prosperous city.

Today, the city draws residents and visitors alike with its architecture, climate, recreational activities, and business opportunities. It’s located in a county with the same name; in fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture named Ventura County the most desirable place to live in the whole country!

With mild winters and summers, lots of sunshine, beautiful surroundings, and proximity to the ocean, Ventura and its surrounding areas are a great place to live–and to heal.

The rolling hills of Ventura, California

Inpatient Residential Treatment Near Ventura, CA

At this inpatient rehab near Ventura, you’ll find that Stillwater Behavioral provides a controlled environment for its guests to recuperate. There is around-the-clock support of all kinds, including physical, mental, medical, and emotional. 

Guests at this residential treatment in California are treated to a healing experience that comes complete with all the comforts of home and then some. It’s why many people travel from outside the area to take advantage of the facilities. 

As a residential patient, you’ll have access to holistic healing therapies, an onsite gourmet chef, nutrition specialists, and a private room with the amenities you need to focus on yourself.

Detox Treatment Near Ventura, CA

Detox treatment is often the first step to addiction recovery, though it’s not always required. At Stillwater Behavioral, the professional staff will interview you first to get an overview of your situation and whether any special facilities are necessary to meet your physical or mental health needs. Then, they will formulate the approach to your recovery based on this interview rather than a generic program.

Dual Diagnosis Near Ventura, CA

It’s not uncommon for people who suffer from addiction issues to also have underlying conditions that contribute. With dual diagnosis treatment, medical professionals handle both at once, helping to give you the best chance of recovery. 

Some of the things the medical staff at this rehab near Ventura looks for in patients include a family history of mental illness, history of trauma, presence of anxiety or stress, feelings of being unsatisfied, hopelessness, and/or despair. You may find yourself doing outpatient rehab near Ventura with this type of program. 

Types of Treatment Programs for Addiction

There are a number of drugs that people need treatment for. When you seek addiction treatment near Ventura, you can get help for: 

  • Alcohol
  • Marijuana
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine
  • Nicotine
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Prescription painkillers

In addition, Stillwater Behavioral also helps with different mental disorders. To get more information on these, please call and speak with a specialist to get started.

Why Stillwater Behavioral Health Is Different?

The last thing you want to do when entering a recovery program is to feel as though you’re being committed to a hospital. Rather than restrict you, Stillwater Behavioral works to promote your independence, one step at a time, towards sobriety. 

The facilities at this drug rehab near Ventura are top-notch, with gorgeous views everywhere you look and a calm environment that’s conducive to your recovery. You’ll have access to all of the amenities you need, plus you’ll undergo group and solo therapy sessions that help you heal from the inside out.

Cost for Treatment

The cost of treatment at this drug treatment center near Ventura is dependent on a number of factors, including the types of treatment you need — for example, if you require dual diagnosis care or detoxification — and the length of your stay. Because of this, it’s important to speak with an intake specialist to determine the final total of your treatment. Your insurance plan may help offset part or all of the cost. 

Insurance Coverage

Stillwater Behavioral is a Ventura drug treatment center that takes several insurance plans, including: 

  • BlueCross/BlueShield
  • United Healthcare
  • Anthem
  • Cigna
  • Beacon Health Options
  • Aetna

How much of the treatment insurance covers depends on the type of plan you have. Further, since insurance matters tend to change, it’s a good idea to call ahead and make sure your plan is accepted. 

This rehab near Ventura also accepts cash payment options and can help people find financial solutions for their care.

Process for Admission

When looking to get started with substance abuse treatment near Ventura, the first thing to do is reach out to one of the admissions counselors. They can go over all the treatment options, schedule pre-assessments prior to entering the facility and ensure all of your payment options are taken care of. From there, you’ll receive your intake date and be on your way to attending what many call the best alcohol rehab near Ventura.

Escape Addiction For Good. Get Help Now.

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