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A Safe Place to Recover

Stillwater Behavioral Health is a state of the art drug & alcohol treatment program with a location in Montecito.

Our program was hand-crafted and designed to offer each client a unique treatment experience. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach to treating substance abuse.

We believe that truly individualized care that combines traditional, modern and holistic therapies is the best path to long-term, sustainable recovery.

Why Stillwater Behavioral?

Instead of offering every client the same program, here at Stillwater, we offer a unique, tailor-made experience in treatment for each client. From our dedicated staff to our evidence-based therapies, you can trust that your recovery is in safe hands. Our goal is your long-term recovery.


We are a Joint Commission accredited program.

3:1 Staff to Client Ratio

Clients have a dedicated team throughout their stay.

Holistic Approach

From yoga to mindfulness our holistic approach works.


We have a location in Montecito, CA.

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Luxury Treatment in Montecito, CA

Experience expert, tailor-made treatment for drug & alcohol addiction at our treatment centers in Southern California.

Stillwater Behavioral Health is a state of the art drug & alcohol treatment program with a location in Montecito.

Our program was hand-crafted and designed to offer each client a unique treatment experience. There is no “one-size-fits-alll” approach to treating substance abuse.We believe that truly individualized care that combines traditional, modern and holistic therapies is the best path to long-term, sustainable recovery.

Our tailor-made treatment plans and luxury environments allow our clients to recover with dignity through effective and proven methods. 

How We Can Help


Healing the body.
Learn more about our on-site, sub-acute detoxification programs.
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Residential Inpatient

Healing the mind.
Discover how our residential inpatient program can help you recover.
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Unique Therapies

Learning to live again.
We use the best therapies available to help you recover at Stillwater.
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Through our evidence-based and holistic approach, we are able to offer truly tailor-made treatment plans to each client who enters Stillwater Behavioral Health. Our unique approach may be different from other programs, but we believe that each client’s unique needs deserves the attention required to overcome substance abuse. Our Montecito luxury drug & alcohol rehab sits just outside Santa Barbara, with beautiful views of the Pacific Ocean. Our clients enjoy experiential therapies from surfing to hiking to fishing and more. When you choose Stillwater Behavioral Health, you are choosing life. We will help you get back on track.

Dual Diagnosis

Mental health matters.
We offer extensive treatment for co-occurring mental illness.
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Drug Addiction

Understanding the disease.
Explore the different substances of abuse we treat.
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Quit drinking for good.
Find out how to overcome an alcohol problem and get sober for good.
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Stories of hope, healing and recovery, our clients and their loved ones share more about their experience at Stillwater Behavioral Health.

“The team at Stillwater Behavioral Health goes above and beyond for their clients. Of all the programs in Southern California, this is the one that is going to really help you heal & recover.”
Stephanie M.
“Our son had been to countless programs over the years, and my wife and I had almost lost all hope until we spoke to Gabi and the team at Stillwater Behavioral Health. Our son finally got the personal attention he needed.”
Henry J.
Loved One
“As a working executive with a drug problem, it was important to me that when I got help, I was able to do so discreetly. The team at Stillwater Behavioral Health went above and beyond to accomodate my personal needs,”
Zach G.
“From the moment I entered Stillwater, I knew I was in good hands. The location in Montecito was beyond stunning to say the least. The more important part of their program was the therapies and caring staff who helped me finally heal."
Julia K.
“I've been working in the treatment industry for over 15+ years and the programs at Stillwater Behavioral Health truly are unlike anything I've encountered. The attention to detail and the way they go above and beyond for their clients needs, it's a program that truly works for the individual.”
Miles P.

Getting Help is Easy

Stillwater Behavioral Health works with most major insurance carriers who offer out-of-network benefits. This typically includes PPO and POS insurance plans, but if you are unsure of the type of insurance you have, contact us for a free consultation and verification of benefits today.

1. Talk to Us About Your Problem

We've been in your shoes. Let us know what's going on and how we can help by contacting us today via phone, email, chat or by filling out a form.

2. Get a Free Assessment

One of our caring admissions coordinators will contact you for a free pre-assessment so we can find you the best treatment options.

3. Prepare to Enter Treatment

Once we verify your benefits and arrange intake, it's a smooth and easy process to enter our program and begin your journey to lasting recovery.

Our Treatment Location

Stillwater Behavioral Health offers a unique program in Montecito, California, where the main focus is each individual client’s needs when in treatment for substance abuse. Our programs both offer modern amenities and world-class service. Explore our location below to discover how our environments are the perfect place for you to find healing from active addiction.

Escape Addiction For Good. Get Help Now.


You have questions. We have answers. Find the most commonly asked questions and our answers below.

Detoxification most often refers to medically-supervised withdrawal management services. Here at Stillwater Behavioral Health, we offer drug & alcohol detoxification services in combination with our residential inpatient program. When people typically think of rehab, residential inpatient treatment is most often what they are referring to. The residential programs at Stillwater are comprehensive and offer multiple pathways to recovery.

The first 24 hours at Stillwater Behavioral Health can seem like it’s over before it started. Your first day will consist of a private tour, personal intake session, and an immediate assessment from our treatment team. We understand that many of our clients enter treatment needing relief from withdrawal symptoms. Our 24/7 nursing staff will assist in the intake process and you will meet with our medical director within hours of entering the doors at one of our programs.

Like many treatment centers, Stillwater Behavioral Health works with most major insurance carriers that offer out-of-network benefits, typically PPO & POS insurance policies. In addition to that, we offer affordable cash pay options for our luxury programs in Southern California. 

We unfortunately do not accept Medi-Cal, Medicaid or Medicare policies. Reach out for a list of resources now.

Since our program is based in both evidence-based and 12 step philosophies, we do offer Medication-Assisted Therapy on a case-by-case basis. This includes the use of Suboxone, Subutex or Vivitrol as continued treatment.

The numbers don’t lie. 

  • Over 50% of individuals with a severe mental illness are also affected by substance abuse.
  • 37% of alcohol abusers and 53% of drug abusers also have at least one co-occurring mental illness.
  • Of all people diagnosed mentally ill, 29% abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Over 70% of those addicted to drug & alcohol suffer from PTSD or experienced some form of trauma.

There has never been a greater need for quality, trauma-informed, dual-diagnosis treatment for those addicted to drugs and alcohol. We know that untreated mental illness can many times lead to relapse and create barriers to success in long-term recovery.

It is never easy dealing with a loved one who is actively abusing drugs & alcohol. While there are laws in certain states that can mandate a person to rehab, that doesn’t always work. We’ve found that treatment works best when the client truly wants it. 

If your loved one is refusing to get help, give us a call. We can walk you through a number of options from intervention services to family support groups.

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