If you live in Nassau county, and are seeking treatment for substance use, then you’re one step closer to living the liberated life of your dreams. However, finding the right drug or alcohol rehab for people in Cedarhurst, NY, can be rife with questions. Thankfully, Stillwater Behavioral Health is an innovative option for residential treatment for people in Cedarhurst, NY. Read further about what you can expect and why detox in Santa Barbara (even if you live in NY) can revolutionize your life and long-term recovery.

What is Detox Treatment?

Detox treatment is the cleansing process of ridding the presence of drugs or alcohol from the body. Detox looks different depending on which treatment you receive.  When you opt for luxury rehab treatment and detox with Stillwater, you are afforded the highest quality care and accommodations to make your recovery as comfortable and restorative as possible.

What is Residential Treatment?

Unlike outpatient treatment, residential treatment is when a patient stays at a treatment facility for an extended period of time.  A common misconception when seeking detox and residential treatment for people in Cedarhurst, New York, is that residential facilities are clinical or unappealing. That isn’t the case when you opt for Stillwater residential treatment in California. Our luxurious rooms and tasteful accommodations will make you feel at home while still providing you with round-the-clock care and attention during your recovery.

Should I Travel for Rehab?

Yes! People have been traveling for health reasons for centuries, but over the last decade or so, traveling for rehab has become a trending and smart solution for long-term recovery. Traveling for rehab affords incredible opportunities for self-discovery and total body-mind wellness.  


Doing so pulls you out of negative social circles and circumstances that likely triggered unhealthy substance use behaviors in the first place. Removing yourself from your current routines or potentially toxic environment facilitates perspective, objectivity, and healing that no other rehab scenario can quite match.

Why Travel to California For Rehab?

Imagine turning your life around in the midst of stunning views, sunny skies, and reenergizing natural landscapes.  Now see yourself savoring luxury rehab treatment in a resort-like setting with the 24/7 attention you deserve. These are just some of the few benefits of traveling to California for rehab treatment.  


Attaining a new life in sobriety should be a process of self-understanding, renewal, and nurturing.  That is what CA rehab can provide. From reaping the benefits of removing yourself from detrimental influences to experiencing an exciting new destination – travel to California for rehab has a myriad of benefits – both in your recovery and in your life.

How Long Does it Take to Detox from Drugs?

The time period for a successful drug detox depends on several factors, such as what kind of substances are used and the duration of use.  Generally speaking, ridding the body of toxins from drugs can take a week or more. But each patient is different and may experience different results. 

How Long is Alcohol Detox?

The timeline for a full detox from alcohol is also on a case-by-case basis.  The length of time it takes to wean the body from alcohol and its effects depends upon the severity of use, and duration of use, among other factors.  The first 6 to 72 hours are typically the most intense when detoxing from alcohol but are necessary for the recovery process.

Residential Treatment Time Frame

Different residential treatment facilities offer varying timeframes for stays.  Stillwater offers 30 to 45-day stays for treatment. Once you receive your initial assessment, you and our professional mental health providers will craft a specialized plan of treatment for you.  We work within that construct over your stay and incorporate various different therapies and healing practices that work together in making your long-term recovery the primary focal point.

How Stillwater Behavioral Health Is Different

Bespoke treatment programs that offer holistic healing practices such as massage, yoga, and Reiki. An in-house chef that serves up nutritious, delectable dishes you will savor during your rehabilitation.  Luxurious accommodations that will make your residential stay feel more like a vacation than rehab.  These are just a few of the defining differences that set Stillwater Behavioral Health apart from the rest.


We believe that our California-based residential treatment for people in Cedarhurst, NY should be a healing oasis. Our round-the-clock team of caring professionals is here to meet your needs both medically and psychologically. Our award-winning programs are designed to deliver the treatment you need while simultaneously giving you the restorative relaxation required to navigate your way into your new life of freedom from substance use.

What Is a Usual Day Like at Stillwater

Considering all of our guests are different, each day at Stillwater is a little different depending upon each individual healing-based plan.  However, we do believe in structure, so you can expect to be introduced to a daily routine that lends support to your recovery.  We work tirelessly to replace old habits with positive ones with our buffet of different therapies and activities.


While we believe that structure and routine are essential to building a sturdy foundation for sobriety, that doesn’t mean you’ll go without pleasurable downtime.  From enjoying prepared gourmet meals, socializing, and engaging in nature walks to just relaxing in one of our beautiful green spaces on our estates – a usual day at Stillwater is hardly usual or common.

How Much Does Treatment Cost

The cost for treatment varies depending upon various factors such as treatment plans, length of stay, and of course – your personal needs.  We don’t believe cost should ever be a barrier to treatment. That is why we accept most major insurance. We also provide various payment options so you can get the treatment you need.

Does Insurance Cover Treatment

Yes. Most major health insurance will offset the cost of treatment. Fortunately, Stillwater accepts most major insurance carriers such as BlueCross/BlueShield, Cigna, Aetna, and others.  We also accept Anthem, United Healthcare, and Beacon Health Options.  Let us make the admission process easy by contacting our friendly intake specialist so we can determine what kind of insurance options are available to you.

What Are the Next Steps to Get Started?

You’ve taken the hardest step by recognizing a change is needed in your life in order to experience renewal and freedom from substance use.  The next step is to give us a call today. Our welcoming professionals will guide you through the intake process so you never have to worry about the details.  


Once admitted, a member of our caring medical team will talk to you one-on-one about your recovery goals and discuss what types of treatment options are best for you.  From holistic to traditional, we provide an array of therapies to create a bespoke recovery plan, resulting in sustained sobriety so you can begin to thrive in recovery.

Escape Addiction For Good. Get Help Now.

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