Substance use disorder affects 1.2 million people residing in Nassau County, NY, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).  Thankfully, there is hope. Stillwater Behavioral Health provides healing detox and residential treatment for people in Lawrence, New York, that is revolutionizing lives.

What is Detox Treatment?

Alcohol and drug detox treatment is a process in which toxins from substances are released from the body.  Detox can be done naturally, or in some cases, detox is medically assisted.  In either case, detox is a necessary step to cleansing the body and mind to begin the life-affirming journey of recovery from drugs or alcohol.

What is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment is when patients stay overnight at a treatment center for an extended period of time.  Unlike outpatient treatment, residential treatment for people in Lawrence, NY, is a better option because it instills long-term habits. It has proven more effective as it removes the patient from their regular environment and establishes a new routine that supports ongoing sobriety. 

Should I Travel for Rehab?

Traveling for rehab can lift you out of your current circumstances, which are likely riddled with triggers that may prompt you to use again. Experiencing luxury rehab treatment in a rejuvenating location can also give you a break from daily stressors and negative social influences that can thwart the healing process. Therefore, getting out of your old routine and environment can significantly help restructure your life for long-term recovery. 

Why Travel to California For Rehab?

Too often, assumptions are made that treatment options are limited when it comes to drug and alcohol rehab for people in Lawrence, NY. This isn’t the case at all.  In reality, getting luxury rehab treatment and detox in California is the best solution for sustained recovery. Residential treatment in our deluxe rehabilitation estate allows you to submerge yourself into a new lifestyle while receiving the healing and support you deserve.  


Traveling to California for rehab is an adventure where you will be refreshed, reinspired, and renewed.  Breathtaking natural landscapes, fresh valley breezes, supportive people, and remarkable new experiences await you at Stillwater Behavioral Health treatment centers and can be just the thing to help you finally break free from the ravages of substance use. 

How Long Does it Take to Detox from Drugs?

Every person is different, but in general, most people get past serious withdrawal within the first or second week.  The length of time it takes to fully detox from drugs is dependent upon what types of substances have been used, how long they’ve been used, and other underlying mental or physical conditions that may exist.  

How Long Can it Take to Detox from Alcohol?

The body begins to metabolize remnants of alcohol from the body after a person’s last drink, and the first 6 – 72 hours of detox are the most critical.  The time it takes to detox from alcohol is different for everyone, depending upon the severity and length of alcohol use.  While the first days are crucial when overcoming initial withdrawal, the time it takes for a successful detox varies from patient to patient.

How Long is Residential Treatment?

The answer to this is contingent upon what type of residential treatment you are seeking.  California inpatient treatment can last a few weeks or as long as a month or more. At Stillwater, our luxury residential treatment sessions are anywhere from 30 to 45 days. After detoxification, we will build on your tailor-made treatment plan so that you can become more confident and strong on your path to recovery. 

Why Stillwater Behavioral Health?

At Stillwater, we know that detox and residential treatment for people in Lawrence, New York is a personal choice. Stillwater Behavioral Health is unique because its enchanting scenery and luxury accommodations alleviate much of the stress associated with detox. 


Our lovely estate tucked into the San Joaquin Valley provides you with stunning views and 24/7 personalized care. We are far enough to whisk you away from the daily stresses of life, which can often be a trigger for substance use habits, but we also provide you that “at-home” feel with a level of specialized attention that is second to none. 


Unlike other residential health services, Stillwater provides a myriad of different treatments and therapies that are catered to your specific needs.  From holistic therapy to state-of-the-art drug and alcohol detox – we attend to your every necessity during your stay with us. Additionally, we set you on the path to recovery in lavish surroundings that will make you feel pampered and supported on every step of your healing.


Our compassionate care team at Stillwater makes every effort to make your stay restorative, productive, and liberating.  From the moment you contact us, you will instantly feel the warmth and hope inherent in your new venture into living without the shackles of substance use.

What Does a Normal Day Look Like at Stillwater

Because our guests and their requirements differ, there’s no pat “normal” day at Stillwater.  We believe that healing and treatment should be structured but also centered upon our guests’ situations.  That said, you can anticipate your daily activities, such as yoga or massage therapy, to be maintained by a daily schedule. While routine is a necessary benefit of the treatment process, we also give you ample downtime to socialize, try gourmet dishes prepared by our in-house chef, or just relax on the grounds.

How Much Does Treatment Cost

Treatment costs vary on a patient-by-patient basis.  Because we offer many different therapies and options, the price for treatment can fluctuate. Cost also differs depending upon how long you choose to stay with us.  We do accept most major insurance. We also have cash payment options. Call our friendly administrative staff, and we can help find the right payment solutions for you.

Does Insurance Cover Treatment

We believe that there should be no cost barriers to getting the treatment you deserve. That’s why we work with major insurance providers, and we also offer out-of-network benefits with the insurance carriers we accept.  In most cases, PPO and POS insurance plans from insurers we accept can greatly offset the cost of treatment in California. 

What Are the Next Steps to Get Started?

We understand that taking the first step to treatment is huge, and you’re not alone.  The moment you contact us, one of our attentive staff members will put you at ease. We are here to help you through every step of the recovery process so you can heal and live the life of your dreams.  


Addiction doesn’t have to ruin your life. Our qualified, dynamic team of healthcare professionals has a proven track record of providing world-class detox and residential treatment for people in Lawrence, New York.  Contact us today. We’ll guide you through the process of how luxury residential treatment in California results in long-term recovery and revolutionary changes for your best future.

Escape Addiction For Good. Get Help Now.

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