If you are living in Nassau county and actively seeking help coping with substance use disorder, look no further.  Stillwater Behavioral Health provides detox and residential treatment for people in Woodmere, New York. We also provide the high-quality care, attention, and therapies you deserve to get your life on track for good.  Read further about how our specialized detox in California-based programs can inspire and free you from the devastating effects of substance use.

What is Detox Treatment?

Detox treatment gently removes alcohol, substances, and toxins in the body.  While detoxification comes with discomfort associated with withdrawal – it doesn’t have to.  Our critically-acclaimed residential treatment for people in Woodmere, NY, offers innovative plans and methods for detox. From medically assisted detox to holistic therapies, we ensure your detox is as comfortable as possible. 

What is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment affords more opportunities than outpatient treatment. With residential treatment, you spend all your time within a structured, medically-equipped environment so you can experience detox with 24/7 care and attention.  Residential inpatient treatment is beneficial because it pulls you out of negatively-charged environments. This gives you space to heal and adopt coping skills essential to long-term recovery.

Should I Travel for Rehab?

You’re the best judge, but traveling for rehab is a smart choice.  Firstly, getting out of Woodmere, NY, and traveling to the sunny valleys and floral-studded hills of California can be a huge relief if you’re struggling with substance use.  Moreover, traveling for rehab allows you to evacuate from limiting, negative environments that are likely triggers for substance use.  


Being in a new and nurturing environment coupled with goal-driven therapies can result in a revolutionary recovery outcome.  In essence, seeking therapy among awe-inspiring nature, incredible weather, supportive people, and away from recovery-thwarting dilemmas can be your best recourse in changing your life for the better. 

Why Travel to California For Treatment?

California has become an enticing place for drug or alcohol rehab for people in Woodmere, NY.  Why? Because we offer quintessential SoCal sunny days, breezy nights, and brilliant activities that can only be experienced among stunning valley views.  


Experiencing treatment on the west coast gives you an opportunity to step away and get a clearer perspective. It can also remove you from triggers such as unhealthy relationships or edgy situations that might have stalled your recovery in the past. 


With this in mind, our luxury rehab treatment in California is just what you need to put a stop-gap in your routine, get the proper care you deserve, and begin a new life free from the shadow of substance use.

How Long Does Drug Detox Usually Take?

The time it takes to detox from drugs depends upon various factors, such as what types of drugs have been taken and the length of time they’ve been consumed. Other factors, such as mental and physical well-being, also impact detox time.  That said, it typically takes about one to two weeks to successfully detox from drugs.

How Long Does Drug Alcohol Detox Usually Take?

While every situation is different, the first few days are most crucial in detoxing from alcohol.  Depending upon the patient and circumstances, a full detox may take longer.  Situations such as the severity of use, duration of use, and other psychological elements all determine the length of time it takes to detox from alcohol.

How Long is Residential Treatment Typically?

All programs vary, but at Stillwater, we offer 30 to 45-day residential treatment stays.  This is an ideal amount of time allowing you to disconnect from negative habits of the past and embrace your new future. Stillwater also provides ongoing assistance after your discharge to help you confidently return to NY.

Why Look to Stillwater Behavioral Health

If personalized treatment and round-the-clock care are your ultimate priority, then Stillwater is your optimal choice.  Furthermore, if you’re wanting luxurious amenities in a non-judgmental, nurturing environment, we are your answer.  


Our experienced, compassionate care team and our clean, welcoming estates, combined with innovative and holistic healing treatments, are a recipe for a solid recovery. And speaking of recipes, Stillwater provides chef-crafted culinary delights that will both nourish your body and satisfy your senses.


Aside from our beautifully manicured grounds, dedicated staff, and stellar sunlit views – we also focus on the practical side of your recovery. We offer dual diagnostic treatments and bespoke recovery plans that are unprecedented.  In short, we give you the tools and resources you need to stand confidently in your new life of rewarding sobriety.


We assure you. The moment you contact us and walk through our doors, you will be welcomed. You will also experience that exquisite essence of hope that has been missing from your life for so long.  Reach out to us today, and see why Stillwater Behavioral Health is recognized as the leader in luxury rehab treatment.

What Does a Typical Day Look Like at Stillwater

Every day at Stillwater looks a little bit different for everyone. This is because every recovery plan for our guests is uniquely tailored to each individual need.  So, while you might be socializing on the sun-kissed patio, another resident might be enjoying a deep massage.   One thing we do maintain throughout all the days at Stillwater is structure.  That means a schedule is maintained as it is helpful in the healing recovery process.  So while you are enjoying all the beauty and majesty California has to offer, you can also expect to stick to a daily routine.

Treatment Cost

We understand that cost is a factor in your choice when receiving the best care possible. In reality, treatment cost in any rehabilitation setting varies from one program to another. Additionally, our guests’ costs for treatment will fluctuate according to the length of stay and the types of therapies elected.  Fortunately, our advanced and friendly administrative team can answer any questions you might have about obtaining the all-encompassing treatment at our California-based program.

Does Insurance Cover Treatment

Yes! At Stillwater, we accept most major insurance including BlueCross/BlueShield, Aetna, and Cigna. We also work with insurance providers who offer out-of-network benefits, making California detox and residential treatment for people in Woodmere, New York, much simpler.  You can easily find out more about your coverage and treatment options by completing a brief insurance verification form online. 

What Are the Next Steps

You’ve taken the first and hardest step, which is being honest with yourself and researching the best solutions for treatment.  The next steps will become easier as our caring team will guide you the whole way into re-establishing your life.  Contact us today, and we will make the intake process a breeze for you. 


After you are admitted into treatment, you will have a one-on-one conversation with a member of our compassionate care team members. At that point, we will draw up a solid, individualized plan that will put you on the promising path of recovery and long-term wellness in your new life without substance use.

Escape Addition For Good. Get Help Now.

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