If you are considering going to a rehabilitation facility, it is important to think about what is most beneficial for your rehabilitation. When it comes to rehab centers there are so many options to choose from it can be overwhelming. However, selecting a holistic rehab center will allow for whole body healing in a recovery and client-focused environment.

Holistic rehab centers marry the traditional addiction treatment programs with complementary treatments meant to improve mental and physical well-being. 

Stillwater Behavioral Health believes that the way to sustainable long-term recovery is through holistic addiction treatment. Our facilities, staff, and treatment programs work together to provide the necessary education and support for rehabilitation. 

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What Is a Holistic Rehab Center?

A holistic rehab center is focused on healing the whole body. By combining healing treatments for both the mind and body, holistic rehab centers believe they can achieve higher success rates and lower relapse rates. Holistic healing methods were used as much as 5,000 years ago, and by incorporating them into today’s traditional addiction treatment, holistic rehab centers believe there is a greater chance for sustainable, whole-body recovery from addiction.

Holistic rehab centers focus on the mind first. By using the best evidence-based approaches, holistic rehab centers build a foundation for proactive and stabilized mental health. Through this process of focusing on the mind first, evidence-based practices are combined with unique and alternative therapies that support mental health and restructuring such as mindfulness, Reiki, biofeedback, hypnotherapy, creative arts therapies, and meditation. 

A holistic rehab center also restructures a client’s physical health. By providing nutrition guidance, leisure time, yoga, and other guided physical activities, they promote total body wellness. 

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How Holistic Treatment Works? 

Holistic addiction treatment centers offer the opportunity for patients to heal themselves as a whole. While in holistic rehab, individuals will place energy and focus on gaining control of their mind and will power, as well as their physical health. Oftentimes substance abuse can take a toll on the body as well as the mind, and healing both simultaneously within the same environment can yield strong, lasting results well beyond the initial treatment. Focusing on mental health via behavioral therapies, mindfulness, and other methods helps support a patient’s mental clarity and reinforces the fact that they are in control. The physical approach to this treatment can involve physical activity and focusing on nutrition, healing from the inside out.

How Does Holistic Addiction Treatment Programs Differ from Standard Approaches? 

Standard approaches to addiction treatment can miss key components that holistic rehab addresses. A holistic addiction treatment center will offer all the same methods of recovery that a traditional rehab center will offer, with an emphasis on healing the individual as a whole. Holistic drug rehab will require clients to get more in tune with their mind and body through things like meditation and yoga, which are not typically part of the standard approach.

What Are the Benefits of Going to a Holistic Rehab Center?

There are many benefits to going to a holistic rehab center. While many rehabs can offer tailored treatment plans, holistic rehab centers can offer a wider variety of treatments that can support your mental and physical health while recovering from the trauma of addiction. 

Additionally, holistic rehab centers combined use of both the traditional and alternative can create a greater chance of long-term rehabilitation. By keeping the traditional, but enhancing it with additional therapies, individuals can feel empowered to take responsibility for their own health, recognize how life issues impact their mental and physical health and how to balance that, and place proper emphasis on prevention instead of reaction. 

Holistic rehab centers offer an opportunity to extend beyond the education and structure of traditional rehabilitation. Clients can learn long-term self-management skills and redevelop their sense of pride in themselves and their future.

How Effective are Holistic Approaches in Rehab? 

Holistic rehab approaches generally leave patients leaving with a higher self esteem that they built themselves with appropriate guidance. They also report feeling less stress and are able to more easily cope with the difficulties that can come after visiting a holistic rehab center. A holistic recovery center is designed to address all the areas of a person’s mind and body, giving them new tools for managing addiction recovery post-treatment. Because holistic approaches enhance what standard approaches offer, this can be a much more effective treatment option for those seeking help.

Is Holistic Rehab Covered By Insurance? 

Yes, insurance can cover part or sometimes all of the cost associated with holistic rehab. You should check your current insurance plan to see what portion of holistic treatment can be covered. We can also help you identify if your insurance can be accepted to cover costs for treatment at our facility.

How Can Stillwater Help You Today?

Choosing Stillwater Behavioral Health centers as your holistic rehab option provides you the opportunity to receive individualized holistic health treatment plans in a luxury environment dedicated to your total physical and mental recovery from addiction.

At Stillwater Behavioral Health, our goal is to support you in improving your mental and physical health through sobriety. Our Stillwater Behavioral Health campuses offer holistic healing opportunities like massage therapy, aromatherapy, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, Reiki, and energy healing. Our Montecito campus provides luxury settings to promote relaxation in a safe and sober environment. With our combination of evidence-based traditional therapy and alternative supported therapies, we believe our clients are more ready to face the world upon graduation than other, non-holistic, rehab centers. We offer extensive aftercare preparation for our alumni to ensure their continued well-being. 

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