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Rehab Near Calabasas, California

Stillwater Behavioral Health is a rehab near Calabasas, California that recognizes each patient as an individual. Our program considers the unique circumstances of each patient in order to create a custom treatment plan comprised of various therapy modalities and holistic healing practices. 

This is the best rehab center in California for those seeking a non-judgmental community to immerse themselves in and focus on their healing journey, all while enjoying the luxurious accommodations of our facilities.

Why Consider a Rehab Facility Near Calabasas, California

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Rehab near Calabasas is ideal for those seeking to escape to the mild weather of Southern California in a small, relaxing city. With a population of 22,000, Calabasas has all necessary amenities without the chaos of a larger city. 

The 747 area has a median income of $55,768. Calabasas is known as an affluent area with high-end amenities and a safe, suburban atmosphere. By choosing a rehab near Calabasas, you are just a short drive from LAX while still being nestled in a smaller area ideal for tranquility and immersion into healing.

Inpatient Residential Treatment Near Calabasas, CA

Inpatient rehab near Calabasas is a treatment program in which patients have access to 24/7 care in a controlled environment. Typically, this starts with a detoxification process, followed by various therapy and healing sessions after stabilization. 

Inpatient rehab for addiction treatment near Calabasas allows patients to focus solely on their recovery in a comfortable environment. They will receive care and guidance through the withdrawal process, as well as helpful therapies for reintegration in order to start a new chapter and reduce the chance of relapse.

Types of Treatment Programs

At rehab near Calabasas, treatment programs are customized to best-suit each patient. Treatment programs may include the following aspects:


At a drug treatment center near Calabasas, healing starts with detoxification. Patient at our facility will move through the withdrawal process in a safe, supportive environment with 24/7 care.


Drug rehab near Calabasas should consider all aspects of a patient’s general health and wellbeing. More often than not, addiction goes hand-in-hand with mental illness or trauma. At our facility, we determine all aspects of a patient’s well being that could benefit from reformation in order to transform their lives for the better.


Therapy plays a crucial role in Calabasas drug treatment. Many patients may continue therapy sessions for months or years after their rehab program has concluded through an outpatient rehab near Calabasas.

Holistic Healing

Holistic healing involves various practices such as yoga, meditation, spiritual counseling, breathwork, acupuncture, and more. Holistic healing allows patients to cultivate a sense of mental and physical wellbeing during their recovery.

Drug Addiction

If you need help with heroin addiction or other drug addiction, our treatment programs are designed to help individuals overcome their physical and mental dependency on any substance.


Stillwater Behavioral Health is the best alcohol rehab near Calabasas because we offer an abundance of treatment options for alcolism, including 12 step programs. A 12 step rehab program benefits patients by allowing all aspects of their mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing to be addressed during recovery.

Why Stillwater Behavioral Health Is Different?

Stillwater Behavioral Health is different than other substance abuse treatment near Calabasas because we offer customized care that considers the unique needs of each patient. We see each patient as an individual and provide 24/7 care with a 3:1 staff to patient ratio. 

A custom treatment plan will be created that considers all aspects of your mental and physical health in order to lead you to a fulfilling life after recovery. 

Our facilities are equipped with spa-like amenities in a tranquil environment in which you can immerse yourself in healing with no distractions. 

What Does a Normal Day Look Like at Stillwater Behavioral Health

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A typical day at Stillwater Behavioral Health will involve an interactive schedule of various holistic healing practices and therapy sessions. Every day, you’ll immerse yourself in your healing process whilst enjoying luxury amenities including a private chef, fitness center, spa, and in-ground pool.

Treatment Cost

Rehab can be expensive when paying out of pocket. We strive to make our services as affordable as possible, but rehab involves around-the-clock care from dozens of professionals with various specializations. 


Fortunately, we work with most major insurance providers in order to make rehab accessible to a wide range of individuals.

Insurance Coverage

We work with most major insurance providers, including most POS and PPO plans. We aim to make treatment affordable and accessible by working with insurance carriers who provide out-of-network benefits. Verify your insurance benefits with us by scheduling a free consultation. 

Process for Admission

The admissions process at our facility involves a personal intake session, private tour of the grounds, and an immediate assessment in order to determine the best recovery plan for you. If you need detox assistance upon arrival, our medical staff will be of assistance during the entire intake process in order to provide symptom relief.