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Alcohol Rehab in Santa Barbara, CA - Still Water Treatment

Seeking out help for drug or alcohol addiction is a difficult decision, but at Stillwater Behavioral Health, the caring staff is ready to help you navigate the healing process. Take a break from the hustle and bustle of real life and visit a private facility that has the tools you need to break the cycle.

Why Consider an Alcohol Rehab in Santa Barbara


In addition to the beautiful location, Santa Barbara is close to many amenities, meaning you’re never far from the conveniences. It’s also easy to get to for those who live and work in the area.

If you’re from out of town, you might benefit from a Santa Barbara alcohol rehab facility. When you stay close to home, you’re often still around the same temptations, and there are many distractions that can cause setbacks. At this residential facility, you’ll be in a relaxing environment conducive to healing.

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Our Treatment Approach

Stillwater Behavioral uses a holistic approach to alcohol addiction treatment. A 3:1 staff-to-patient ratio means that you get the most attentive care. Each patient receives their own individual treatment plan that caters to their specific addiction and needs. 

With its holistic approach to addiction treatment therapy, Stillwater offers a variety of activities to keep you on the path to inner peace and healing.

In conjunction with holistic treatments, Stillwater uses evidence-based methods such as dialectic behavioral and cognitive behavioral therapies. This alcohol rehab center in California also recognizes that mental illness can play a large part in addiction, so the staff works to determine and treat these dual diagnoses.

Additional Forms of Alcohol Addiction Treatment Therapy

Stillwater Behavioral Health offers residential alcohol treatment, where every patient experiences luxury touches while healing. The rooms have large TVs and comfortable beds to create the feeling of home. Onsite nutrition specialists and gourmet chefs help dial in your eating habits, which is an important part of your health. 

The facility also has top-notch amenities, such as a pool and spa area, where you can exercise or relax, and a fitness center, where you can work out and stay in shape. Housekeeping services mean your area is always clean.

Helping a Loved One

If you know someone in need of drug and alcohol counseling in Santa Barbara, it’s important to let them know they’re not alone. Support is a significant part of recovery. 

Once you’ve established that getting alcoholism treatment is a priority, you can speak with one of Stillwater’s coordinators to determine what the next steps are.

Why Choose Stillwater Behavioral Health?

When it comes to choosing a residential alcohol treatment center, Stillwater Behavioral Health is at the top of many people’s list. With a dedicated staff, multiple treatment methods, and luxury amenities, you can’t go wrong. Plus, its desirable location gives you an amazing environment to escape the pressures of life.

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Accepted Insurance

Stillwater Behavioral Health accepts several insurance policies.

This Santa Barbara alcohol rehab also accepts cash-pay options for people who either don’t have insurance or have one not listed above.

Detoxification FAQs

The best treatment for alcohol addiction is the one that works best for any individual. No two addictions are the same; therefore, they can’t be treated as such. That’s why Stillwater offers several different treatment methodologies, to ensure staff can help everyone who walks in the door.

Some people will need detox, while others can benefit simply from a clean, relaxing environment where temptation doesn’t exist. To see what the best course of action is for you or your loved one, speak with a treatment coordinator.

Sometimes. It really depends on the person’s diagnosis. If there are mental illnesses involved, it’s more likely to fall in line with an acceptable disability. According to federal regulations, if the addiction hampers major life activities, it may qualify.

The first step to getting alcohol addiction treatment is to acknowledge that there is a problem. This is important in order for treatment to be successful. If someone fails to acknowledge they suffer from addiction, they’ll be in denial, and the treatment methods won’t work as effectively as someone who wants to change.

The first stage of treatment for addiction is usually detoxification. This helps the patient go through withdrawal in a controlled environment and minimizes the risks of injury or other medical complications. Not everyone will need detox services, though. A qualified professional at this Santa Barbara alcohol rehab can make that distinction.

Residential alcohol rehab is where a patient lives in a facility for a period of time, usually however long it takes to detox and get on the path of wellness. Some may stay for a few days, while others need a few months. The typical stay is 30 days.