Chef John Maciulavicius is a seasoned professional with a passion for helping others, through food. With over 30 years of experience in the hospitality industry, Chef John has worked in a variety of settings, including fine dining restaurants, hotels, and treatment centers. In the past 8 years, Chef John has specialized in providing culinary support to individuals in recovery. Chef John understands the importance of nutrition in the recovery process and is committed to creating delicious and nutritious meals that support the physical and emotional well-being of the clients. Chef John is proficient in a variety of global cuisines and is able to adapt his cooking style to meet the specific needs of clients. Chef John is also knowledgeable about modern diets, such as gluten-free, ketogenic diets, and vegan diets. In addition to his culinary skills, Chef John is also a compassionate and caring individual who is dedicated to helping clients reach their recovery goals.