Are you ready to make a change in your life? It is important to consider all the factors and make a plan before starting to detox because of the physical and mental strain it can have on your body. Never go through detox alone. 

What Is a Drug Detox Center? 

A drug detox center is an inpatient facility that assists clients in removing drugs and alcohol from their body, safely. 

Traditionally, detox centers are residential and support addicts through the process of getting clean by weeing or reducing the amount of drugs ingested until a person can function without the drugs in their system. With FDA approved and facility monitored medication, the symptoms of withdrawal can be reduced or mitigated. 

Some treatment facilities only offer drug detox, while others are full addiction treatment centers that offer additional therapies to treat the underlying causes of addiction. This kind of treatment also supports a client’s full transition to a sober lifestyle with inpatient, outpatient, and aftercare programs. 

Facilities like ours, Stillwater Treatment Center, can support your transition to a healthy lifestyle with residential inpatient detox.

What is Drug and Alcohol Detox?

An alcohol and drug detox in California is the process of allowing the body to cleanse itself of drugs and other toxins. This process can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, as the body may experience intense withdrawal symptoms. 

At our California detox center, detox is typically the first step in the recovery process. Our medical staff will monitor the patient’s vital signs and provide medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, as well as psychological support to help the patient through this difficult time. 

The duration of the detox can vary depending on the substance of abuse, the patient’s overall health, and other factors. After detox, the next step of addiction treatment in California is for the patient to enter a rehabilitation program that includes therapy, counseling, and holistic treatment methods. 

How Long Does Detox Take at Stillwater Treatment Center?

The duration of detox at California detox centers can vary. Factors such as the length of time the patient has been using the drug and the amount of the drug consumed can play a role in determining the length of detox. Generally, the detox process can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. 

During the detox process, patients will be closely monitored by the medical staff at the center. They will be given medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, which can include nausea, vomiting, tremors, and seizures. The medical staff will also ensure that the patient is kept comfortable and safe throughout the process.

What Makes Our Detox Program So Successful?

We are one of the detox centers in California known for providing a safe and comfortable environment for individuals to begin their journey to recovery. Our success lies in our multi-disciplinary approach that combines medical care and psychological support to address the physical and emotional aspects of addiction.

We understand that detox can be a difficult and uncomfortable process. If you choose to detox in Southern California with us, you’ll receive care from our medical professionals, who are trained to monitor patients closely and provide the appropriate medications to alleviate withdrawal symptoms, ensuring safety and comfort throughout the process. Our physicians and nurses are available 24/7 to attend to any medical needs that may arise during the detox period.

Our psychological support team, including counselors and therapists, work closely with patients to provide emotional support and help them cope with the emotional and mental challenges of withdrawal. We use evidence-based therapies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy and mindfulness-based stress reduction to promote positive changes in attitudes and behaviors that underlie addiction.

We provide our patients with access to a range of services and resources including recreational activities, self-help groups, and resources that promote physical and emotional well-being.

All of these elements work together to make our California addiction treatment program successful in helping individuals to safely and comfortably detox from drugs and other toxins, and set them on the path toward long-term recovery.

Why Shouldn’t You Detox From Drugs on Your Own?

Detox can be an extremely dangerous and unpleasant process when not monitored and supported with trained staff.  While it is possible to detox from home, it is NOT recommended because of the unpredictability of withdrawal symptoms and the likelihood of relapse. 

Withdrawal from opioids and/or alcohol can cause major physical and mental distress. The body’s response to withdraw is totally dependent on the type or types of substances within it.  Typical physical withdrawal symptoms from drugs include, flu-like symptoms, nausea, headache, and shaking. However, quitting extended chronic alcohol abuse cold turkey can cause diarrhea, delirium, seizures, and even death. 

According to a study in the US National Library of Medicine, people who did not seek treatment saw remission rates between 50% and 80%. Another study mentioned that one-year rates were at nearly 40% compared to individuals who received treatment.

How Do I Know If I Need Medical Detox?

Some of the most common signs that you may need medical detox from detox facilities in California include:

  • You have been using a substance regularly for a significant period of time
  • You have tried to quit using the substance but have been unable to do so
  • You experience withdrawal symptoms when you try to stop using the substance
  • You have a high tolerance for the substance, meaning you need to use more of it to achieve the desired effect
  • You have a history of addiction or substance abuse

It is important to note that detox is not a treatment for addiction, it’s just the first step of the recovery process and it is important to follow up with rehab, therapy, and counseling to achieve long-term recovery.

What Is The Difference Between Detox and Rehab?

Detox in California is the process of allowing the body to cleanse itself of drugs and other toxins. The goal of detoxing is to safely and comfortably manage the symptoms of withdrawal that occur when an individual stops using a substance. 

A detox is usually the first step in the recovery process and it is usually done in a hospital or a specialized detox center with medical supervision.

Rehab is the process of treating addiction through various forms of therapy and other forms of treatment. Rehabilitation programs can take place in inpatient or outpatient settings and they may include a combination of individual and group therapy, counseling, medication management, and other forms of treatment. 

The goal of rehab is to help individuals overcome their addiction and achieve long-term recovery. Rehabilitation programs typically follow the detox in California and can last anywhere from a few weeks to several months, depending on the individual’s needs.

What Does Detox Look Like at a Treatment Center?

Drug detox in California treatment centers is the first step to recovery. The length of treatment varies based on several important factors. The length of addiction, type of substance, and the dose the client is currently self-administering all play a part. There are also multiple options when it comes to the level of detox necessary.

Facilities can offer non-medical and medical detox. Non-medical detox might be outpatient or inpatient depending on the need determined in the intake assessment. Non-medical inpatient care offers a safe space for clients to detox away from a toxic home environment. 

Medical detox is residential and is closely monitored by the doctors and staff at the addiction treatment center. FDA approved drugs are administered to wean a client off their illicit drug and help them become sober without the extensive withdrawal symptoms that come from chronic substance abuse.

Detox at Stillwater Treatment Center

By choosing to detox at Stillwater Treatment Center you are choosing a safe place to recover from addiction. Our premier, boutique detox center caters to your unique needs by creating an environment ideal for holistic healing by combining evidence-based and alternative therapies and treatments. 

Our experienced staff are available 24/7 to answer your questions and support your first steps in the recovery process. We offer medical detox, residential inpatient care, and support dual-diagnosis disorders for our clients struggling with sobriety and additional mental health issues.

Each client is independently evaluated and a program is built around their needs combining traditional therapies with holistic healing for body, mind, and spirit. 

Let us here at Stillwater Treatment Center, support your goal of a happier, healthier, sober you.

Escape Addiction For Good. Get Help Now.

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